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Company was founded

1Company was founded

In 2010, The owner of LEDVITA joined in the LED industry. Coincidentally, She found that the LED light is more energy saving and more environmental-friendly. She catched that the LED will have a good future. Then she built a company by using her salary- LEDVITA.

2Company Profile

LEDVITA has been providing LED lights based on high quality products and service,we have been following the market, treating the customer sincerely, with best service, high loyalty and variours products. Finally, we earned some high loyal customers.We are thankful to our customers who have been supporting from the beginining,with their trust and support,we grow bigger,we are not only business partners, we would like to say that we are friends.
Our factory which is more than  3000 square meters with around 100 employees and many high technologies testing machines, LEDVITA has variety of professional testing craftwork for led lights as strong back up: LED light Aging Test; high&low temperature aging test; Wave soldering; reflow soldering; light integrating spheres; thermal shock. We totally believe that quality is the base in cooperation, so we pay high attention to the quality, we quote with reasonable price but  never lower the producing standard. The segments and restructuring of LED industry from 2011 to 2015, good quality can not satisfy the demands of the market because of the changes of the led industry trending.
The market need is high quality also low cost products,but more importantly,we think creative new products will atrract more attentions by the customer's eyes. We must follow the market, then LEDVITA catch the right market, pushing the led flood lights,LED high bay lights,Solar LED Lights like Solar LED Flood light,Solar LED Wall light,Solar LED Bulbs,Solar LED Lawn lamps,Sensor LED Cabinet lights,Portable LED Tube lights as our main products. Especially UFO high bay lights helped us to stand up stably on the market with 5years warranty high end quality but very competitive prices.

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3LEDVITA Mission

We would like to grow up together with the customer and cooperate with more and more excellent customers. we are working for some governments in Kenya; we are the specified supplier for a big electric servicer in Dubai. We will work harder and smarter all the time to service more customer with our professional products. LEDVITA hoping to build a amazing future with your together. LEDVITA will never stop providing more energy-saving higher lighting efficiency led lights,and we will move forward to launch more new creative led lights.

 Product certification 

  • LED flood light ROHS

    LED flood light ROHS

  • LED flood light CE-EMC

    LED flood light CE-EMC

  • LED flood light CE-LVD

    LED flood light CE-LVD